Akshay extends a helping hand to drought-ridden farmers in Maharashtra, donated 90 lakh….

Recently Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar became the talk of the town with his noble act of donating 90 lakh to drought-hit farmers of Maharashtra.

Nearly 90 lakh farmers have been affected by the drought in Maharashtra. The official Kharif crop, had destroyed completely. Maharashtra is already known for its farm crisis and also reports the highest number of farmer’s suicides in the country.

And now delayed and inadequate monsoon has added more pain to the plight of the farmers. Data with the agriculture department show that two-thirds of the state’s farmers have been affected by the drought. Amongst which impact on Marathwada and Vidarbha regions are extremely highly. It has obviously bestowed the farmers of the state distressed. State relief and rehabilitation secretary K H Govinda Raj said that the state government has released relief of worth Rs 2,000 crore so far. The state had asked the Central government for aid worth Rs 4,800 crore, but that’s yet to come in. This is the fourth drought in the state since 2008. “The impact on farmers is only getting worse.

Around 70 farmers are killing themselves every month in Marathwada. Debt, low produce prices, stress and family responsibilities, poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation, private money lenders and crop failure are various reasons that force a farmer to take such a drastic step and end their lives.

According to sources, a top cop has brought the predicament of the farmers into Akshay’s notice. The plight of the farmers affected him so much that he decided to help them immediately. His financial aid will reportedly help as many as 180 families of the farmers who had committed suicide in the drought-hit region of Marathwada. His team donated 15 lakh for 30 families of the farmers who had committed suicide and plans to donate the same amount every month, for the next consecutive six months. This magnificent step was initiated by Beed district’s IG Vishwas Nangre Patil and Akshay Kumar’s representative Vedant Bali.

When asked about this act charitable act, humble Khiladi kumar expresses his reluctance. He said: “I don’t want to talk about it. I feel it’s stupidity to talk about these acts. It’s embarrassing to answer all these things.”

After Nana Patekar’s and Ajinkya Rahane’s announcement to donate 15 & 5 lakh respectively to help farmers, now its Akshay Kumar who has stepped forward to help the drought-struck farmers of Marathwada.

Isn’t this superb? Celebrities roping into help are always magnificent. Hope it helps the distressed farmers in the best way.

Bollywood and other celebrities like Nana Patekar, Ajinkya Rahane, Akshay Kumar enjoys a huge fan following. Many times their fans follow their style and looks. So, when a celebrity does a noble thing, it acts like a source of inspiration for their followers. And Akshay had done exactly what a celebrity should do.

Rather than complaining or waiting, people should come forward and lend their support to the needy. Your little effort can bring a big change for them.

Hope this munificence of Akshay Kumar will motivate other people and celebs and they will also step forward to protect those people who give us our daily fodder. And also hope that our netas will realise that there are even more important issues than meat ban!

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