Ravi Gulati: Common Man With Extraordinary Goals



I don’t expect the kids to pay me back but pay it forward,” line said by a common man from Khan Market, New Delhi.

About :

Ravi Gulati, an IIM-A graduate with a good corporate job in Canada- which is the desire of almost most of young Indians today. But this man is something beyond materialistic goods, needs, and desires and this is the reason why his corporate career ended up in only 8 months. He returned to pursue a course in Environment Education from CEE, Ahmedabad.

Reason for Move from Corporate World to Social Work :

In the middle of highly crowded, trendy showrooms of Khan Market lies a door for Education. 13, Khan Market is the place where children of different age, caste, and social background sit together and share their thoughts. Ravi wanted to work in a village but there were two children (one was a washer man’s son and another was a gardener’s son) who approached him for help in Mathematics. While helping these kids with their studies Ravi realized that he would be replicating same efforts in rural areas as well. This thought provoked him to lay the foundation of MANZIL- A NGO to help poor kids by him.

Manzil :

In 1996, with his mother and a family friend Dr. Geeta Gupta Ravi started an NGO Manzil. The organization is based at Kotla, a  slum area in Delhi. Starting with a number of only two children the long run of Manzil started and now there are about 10000 children whose education is being taken care of. Manzil includes students between the age group of seven to twenty-seven where they get classes of different levels of English, Mathematics, Music, Computer, Painting, Dance and Theater. Ravi says that “No fees are to be charged but one will be fined for coming Late”. The best feature of Manzil is teaching students the value of Time and sharing of knowledge and experience among others also.  The saying “Sharing is the best way of Learning” is the key concept of Manzil.

Manzil: What does it Do :

Manzil is a place where learning is fun and encourages the power of creativity and self expression. Manzil offers multiple classes of different levels in Maths, English, Computers, Music, Painting, Dance and Theatre. The concrete value of Manzil is to induce sense of responsibility in everyone with independent thinking, punctuality and this is the only reason why Manzil’s Journey is increasing continuously from a toddler step at Kotla, to Khan Market and now a bold step in hills of Uttaranchal. The vision is very clear for Manzil to illustrate the importance of education.

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