Sindhutai Sapkal – Mother of Orphans

Women now a days are becoming more and more noticed for their exceptional success in the society. A number of the following successful women, we are about to feature are great business leader, role models, authors, politicians and activist.

Now we are going to introduce a real inspiration for the others, she is Sindhutai Sapkal who also known as “Mother of Orphans“is an Indian social worker ad social activist knows particularly for her work for raising orphan children. For this great work, she won Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice in 2013.

Early life and Education:

Sindhutai Sindhutai Sapkal was born on 14 November 1948 at Pimpri Megha Village in Wardha District Maharashtra. She was nick named “Chindhi” (which mean torn peace of clothes). This name she has given because she was a unwanted child, she was a cowherd by profession but her father keen on educating Sindhutai Sapkal much against the wishes of her mother. She used to send her school under the pretext of cattle crazing because of the financial reason she should not afford a real slate so she would use leaf of Bharadi tree as a slate. At last she quit her former education, due to poverty, family responsibility and an early marriage. That’s why just passed 4 grades.

Marriage and Early work:

She got married at the age of 10 with Shri Hari Sapkal Allas Harbdaji , a 30 year old cowherd from Navgaon Village in Wardha District Maharashtra. She just turned 20 and bore 3 sons. She put a successful agitation against a local strongman who was fleecing the villager on collection of Dried Cow Dung used as a fuel in India and selling it in Collusion with forest department without paying anything to villagers. Her agitation brought her to district collector and on releasing she was right, he passed as order which is not liked by others. Stung by this insult she convinces her husband to abandon her. On that time she gave a birth to a baby girl on 14th October 1973 in a cow shelter outside of their house, on that night; herself walk few kilometers away to her mother’s place for health where they refused to give shelter to her. She had to set aside the thought of suicide but setup her mind and started begging on railway platform, while this period, she released that there are so many children abandoned by their parents so she decide to adopt them and curiously started begging to feed them and she became a Mother of Orphans.  She just wanted to fulfill the desires of orphan children because of this great cause she donated her biological child to the trust Pune only to realize the feeling of partially between her daughter and adopt one. This is the sad story of her early life. She scarified each and everything to become a mother of orphans.

Later work and Honor:

She adopted around 1050 Orphan Children as of today she has grand family of 2007 son in-laws, 36 daughters in laws and over 1000 grand children. Still she continues with her work and feed orphan children. Almost all the children are well educated, well settled in their life some are doctor, engineer, layer and some are including her daughter running her own independent orphanages. She has used her awards money to buy a land to a make home of orphan children.

She has been honored with over 273 awards for her dedication and great work. She is very kind hearted, at the age of 80 her husband came back to her for apologetically, she accepted him as her child stating, as she is only a mother now! If anyone visit to her ashram she introduce her husband as a oldest child of her ashram.

A Marathi film “Mee Sindhutai Sapkal” released in 2010 as biopic inspired by the true story of Sindhutai Sapkal. The film was selected for world premium at 54th London Film Festival. At last she realized he plight of orphan and abandoned Adivasi Children. This is her next mission of her life to feel the pain of orphan children.

Operating Organization and Awards:

There are so many organizations those are running only because of the contribution of  Sindhutai Sapkal  . These famous organizations are Sanmati Bal Niketan, Mamta Bai Sadan, Mai Ashram, Chikhaldera, Abhiman Bal Bhawan and many more.

She won around 270 awards and honored by some great awards like Ahmad Divya Muslim Peace Price (2014), Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice (2010), Real Heros award given by Reliance Foundation.








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