The Man Who Helps a Village through Uncomfortable Questions

In this society where people are pulling each other down their we can also see person like KM YADAV, he is not any business tycoon, he is not a politician but he is normal individual, he is tea seller , he is a “Real Man” who ease villagers giving them important facts which really help out in there well being, coming out from unemployment, giving awareness about social security and help them to get there rights …We heard in many stories one poor can be best savior for others .This man has become inspiration for new generation, serving tea to villagers it’s easy to hear but it’s like a unpractical thing to do our society is only meant for reading new papers n watching news no one can participate n come out but Mr. Yadav has took an initiative without thinking …

His tea stall is descriptive which are just three walls with 10 chairs and a table such a small space and hats off to his thoughts which have bring real change in villagers life.

His desire is make people happy around him, he is always surrounded with many people who bring there problems to him, he wisely go through documents make a note and give suggestions which really help villagers to solve the problems related to system

His RTI tea is famous, after his campaign in 2010 about RTI, he soon realize that villagers are not aware about there rights and need more information so he rented a room 2013, and he is real man who not only aware people about RTI 2005 which is right to information under which government has taken step towards empowering the citizen and it has really helped people to raise their voice for corruption, he has awaked those people also who are illiterate and not even right or read he raise their voice through RTI, he is like one man army who is not even awaking villagers for this Imp information, and at the same time he put 800 applications to RTI against villagers which includes dispute of land , gov loan schemes, providing money to local schools ,pensions these were regular problem by which villagers were suffering from

Fourth chapter: lack of government role

Whereas we taking about the new ideas of Mr. Yadav, same time there are people who had taken land of Mr Raj Bahadur Sachaan, he is still fighting with the system help of Mr Yadav to get back his land , and same system has announced that this is his land in 1994 but still he is has not got his land back. As per Mr Yadav government is taking much more time in his case as many departments are involved

Fifth chapter: cure from global warming

As now days global warming has increase that much keeping that in mind, it has mandate that no trees will be cut from village Kalawati

Sixth chapter: removing corruption

Mr yadav also helped against corruption he has informed concern government person to take action against contractor who was selling grains at higher rate than his actual rate with the help of RTI he came to know that contractor was selling at 20% higher rate, by this right information authority has taken action against that contractor, he says he manage to do all this because he more aware about right to information.

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